Cemetery Site Services include arbor care, ornamental pruning, organic feeding, and the implementation of proper land grading to fix various drainage problems. 

Services in connection with Monuments, Mausoleums, Tombstone Markers, Historic Buildings, and Churches include physical stabilization and preservation. HGW, through preservation implementation, utilizes customized restoration, mortars, and injection grouts which are designed to compliment the existing substrate made of sandstone, limestone, marble, brownstone, granite, slate, brick, and terra cotta. In addition, as part of the restoration application process, HGW uses natural aggregated and dyes which are incorporated to closely match the natural texture and color of the existing stone or related surface. HGW also provides pointing of stone and brick.

Regarding statuary and/or ornamental architectural structural features, HGW can fabricate molds for missing statuary appendages, reattach features such as wings, noses, hands, and clothing, or build up worn down features with these restoration mortars. 

HGW specializes in obtaining hard-to-find natural stone and old brick for repair and for use in new projects. 

Preservation Services include removal of moss, lichen, paint and other forms of graffiti with environmentally safe water based agents. HGW also uses various techniques to clean, polish and preserve various forms of metal plaques and markers including bronze

Utilization of a heavy-lift crane can be initiated and, for smaller projects, a tripod system can lift statuary or tombstones weighing up to two tons.

Epitaphs and lettering are integral to the internment site. Many tombstones, sarcophagi, stone plaques and markers, though large in mass, may have serious deterioration of the lettering itself on the monument. HGW does not recommend re-carving stones, but can initiate various preservation and stabilization techniques to arrest and, in many cases, repair existing deterioration to the letter surfaces themselves. Oftentimes a supplementary bronze plaque can be introduced at the base of a significantly deteriorated tombstone beyond reasonable repair which would repeat, record and preserve pertinent information. 

HGW takes pride in developing and providing this diverse range of services and a sole operator. HGW experience has proven that the sole proprietor/operator approach provides and high quality of service at lower costs and allows for continuous close client involvement and communication during the reservation project. 

However, HGW can act as a general contractor to include additional professionals and equipment depending upon the nature and/or size of the project.