Eugene Hough is President of Heritage Guild Works (HGW), a sole proprietor, preservation company, which provides a wide range of preservation, restoration, stabilization and cleaning services for historic monuments, markers, statuary, mausoleums and cemeteries. 

Through Artery Works, the planning side of HGW, additional services can provide demographic, municipal and open space planning to include land and storm-water management and arbor care, assessment of historic structures to include bridges (with a specialty in repair and cleaning of marble tablet markers and the cleaning of bronze plaques). 

The origins of HGW began in the early 1980's when genealogical research was being tabulated from family internment sites. The noted physical deterioration of the various grave-sites prompted immediate action to stabilize the fragile physical conditions of family gravestones. Since then, Eugene Hough, has expanded his services and techniques to address the needs of individuals and organizations regarding their cemetery markers and monuments. In addition, HGW can provide landscape and hardscape (natural walls, etc.) services for individuals, land and watershed conservancy groups. 


HGW takes pride in developing and providing diverse range of services and a sole operator. HGW experience has proven that the sole proprietor/operator approach provides and high quality of service at lower costs and allows for continuous close client involvement and communication during the reservation project. 

However, HGW can act as a general contractor to include additional professionals and equipment depending upon the nature and/or size of the project.